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Assalamualaikum harini Diana aada masuk satu pertandingan.
Dah lama rasanya tak masuk contest segala bagai ni.

And pertandingan kali ni pun memang unik dari apa yang Diana pernah join sebelum ni.

Jadi jom like dan follow blog vissionaire


Tempat Pertama :
Topup bernilai RM 15.00
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Sticker Visionnaire Team

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Topup bernilai RM 10.00
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Topup bernilai RM 5.00
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Coklat Cadbury
Penanda Buku Visionnaire Shop

Sticker Visionnaire Team

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I no longer apprehensive + 0 comment(s)
hey blog.i think it have been so long rite i did'nt have a time to post in this blog .sorry coz i kept updating on the tutorials blog.alhamdulillah my followers had reached 900 and later on 1K.hope so.Rite now i'm putting all my head and toes to physics study coz my physics knowledges was not too wide and i kept doing the same mistake.that is on the chapter 5;light.But everything changed when i went for a intensive class.The teacher was so great and he taught us on a very simple and easy way.He's  also a handsome guy.eh?..lolzzz. But when come to study,the good looks that you have,does'nt means that you were unabled to teach your students in a good way.But he had broke my negative taught on a young and stylish teacher like him.He showed his courtesy to all his students although all of us were different in races and religion.he's such a good teacher and i respected him coz he had streamed me with a bright light on chapter light.hahha.now i;m more understand on that topis.The topic that i taught would be a nightmare and 'pest' in my result,Alhamdulillah.Allah had answered my pray.Allahuakbar!

Youtube,Facebook,Physics + 0 comment(s)
heyyyy...soo? ermm blurr.still in physics mood? harzz..dont; know la..sbb lately i was struggling to understand physics chapter 5-light.rrrr boleh tak boleh kene bagi paham gak! no matter what is it.i've done many things in order to understand that topic.insyaallah i believed Allah SWT won't let  us down as we had struggle for it.Allah knows the best.! yarh..so,i've blogged,youtubed,printed(urghh almost 100 pages questions about light ok).insyaallah ada balasannya and i wanna feel the fruit of my labour during the annoucement of the SPM results soon.insyaalah.where's there hope,there always have road (ehh betul ke)..takpe la asalkan i sorang je paham.go go go go go go..insyaallah.Allah akan bantu kite.btw,tomorrow i'll attend for 4 hour- physics intensive class.hopefully there's a light that  will shine into my heart bout physics.

Contest for fun + 0 comment(s)

meet us again blog..hyo!! as you know i've been joining so many contest lately by ujang,g3 andeven my 's not sister's ana muslim comic.whooo! why?? it's not that aku ni kemarok sangat nak menang!! NO! absolutely wrong.but i just want to fill my free and bored time at home.although i know i'll rather eager to know the winner instead of wow to myself that i gonna win,but i still does'nt want to pin my futile hope to won.you know,DUIT laa kan..and lastly i just tawakal coz i believed and i'm sure that Allah knows the best for me.there must be reasons why i loss or win.right?? oh ya!! i also participated in Pantun Jawi by Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia..lolzz my pantun quite funny coz it had been such a long time i did'nt practice myself in pantun-ing.(what a gibberish!) oh my english!! i knew that my pantun not as great and fabolous as whta cikgu yati did.but at least i'm trying my best in creating pantun 6 kerat that i've never made!(proud of myself).so i hope that i win.belittle even a consolation prize.yeah! i'm stoic with it.
byee~~ gonna burn a few more CD to this new lappy!

First attempt to post on my own story + 0 comment(s)
hey blog..this is my first post of my own story.my own way of how i want to express my feeling and all my talks of hearts and soul.wahh!! sounds soo serius..YES!! i do so coz my life would be chaos if I do not skilled in dealing with feelings and emotions! so i decided to create a blog as a medium for me to release all my tense ..soo tanggal 4th february 2012 after i got back from kl( after sent my sis to her ipt) this blog was created and i named this express-feeling spot as dianasecret0_0.memang secret kan??